Meet some of the awesome clients we work with...

November Five

At November Five, business is fused with design and technology. Helping partners strategize, come up with truly innovative ideas and turn them into high-quality products. That’s what we do.


Motivated, happy, engaged workers are what makes a company great, but such a culture can seem ethereal and complex to build. Karmacards helps companies install and maintain great culture through positive communication and fun, practical tools.


Appmiral helps music festival organizers expand their festival experience to attendants’ smartphones. Our framework-driven mobile apps combine customizability and top-notch performance.


Protecting you and the environment. Arivic is a mature Antwerp-based SME assisting industrial and maritime clients with spill & safety preventions in order to protect both the workforce and the environmental impact.


Launchbird is a business agency that exist to support the growth of its clients by assisting them on a multi-level surface.

The dictionary meaning of 'entourage' is a closed network of people around you, those who support you in every venture. Launchbird is aiming to become your entourage on the road to succes and growth, being an important part of your team that is determined to get the job done. For (mature) SME's we believe that it's important to first blend in your operations before we can help you refine your long-term strategy and optimise operations. For startups or new business development, Launchbird will help you to further structure and strengthen your initial ideas. Before good ideas can become a viable business, we assist you in further shaping the idea before going to market. We can do this from a finance point-of-view, incubated with a busload of common sense and then stir up all this with an enthusiasm that you've never seen before.